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Welcome to the Meeteetse Recreation District's homepage. Meeteetse is home to a wide variety of recreational opportunity and we are here to help everyone enjoy what our area has to offer. Whether you are seeking cross country skiing, youth programs, exercise and wellness classes, access to the fitness center, outdoor equipment rentals, or even public transit, the Meeteetse Rec District has it! 

 Meeteetse Recreation District COVID-19 Policy as of December 9, 2020  
The Meeteetse Recreation District will resume all regularly scheduled activities and programs with implemented COVID-19 procedures and restrictions due to State and County COVID-19 Public Health Orders. The MRD will continue to monitor the risk associated with COVID-19 and will take extra precautions during these times. The operations will obey Public Health Orders One-Sixteen. Our main objectives during this transition are as followed: 
-Encourage Social Distancing in all MRD sponsored activities and programs. 
-Keep a detailed record of ALL users and staff during every scheduled activity 
-Require an additional liability release stating the increased risk during the COVID-19 Pandemic. 
-Facility cleanliness and sanitation follows the procedures outlined in Public Health Orders 1-16. Cleaning procedures for each activity follow Health Orders and recommendations. 
-Staff will be screened prior to shift for COVID-19 symptoms and wear recommended PPE enforced by Public Health Orders. 
-Groups inside will be no larger than 50 people and 250 people outside. 
-Face coverings MUST be worn in a public setting consisting of two or more people. 

Meeteetse Recreation Activities with Implemented COVID-19 Protocol:
-Yoga: Yoga class will follow and enforce social distancing ensuring participants are 6 feet apart and yoga mats are properly disinfected before and after use. Yoga class will take place Mondays at 10:30. A detailed record of all participants will be taken. Face coverings are not required during activity. Classes limited to 10
-Public Transit: The bus seats, rails, floors, and windows will all be sterilized prior to departure and upon return. Hand sanitizer will be available for all riders and riders are required to wear face coverings. Limited to 10 riders
-Fitness Center: Social distancing capacity will limit the users in the facility at a time and require users to check in and out for contact tracing. Users will be asked to complete a health survey upon arrival. Within the survey users will agree to follow the cleaning producers and protocol consisting of disinfecting all touches surfaces, weights, and equipment with the disinfectant provided by the MRD. Hand sanitizer will be available at all times. Users are required to wash hands upon arrival to the facility. 2 non-family member users in the fitness center at a time due to facility square footage, but users must maintain social distancing recommendations. Face coverings are not required during exercise.
oGottsche rehabilitation patients and Gottsche staff will be permitted into the facility simultaneously. Equipment must be disinfected between each patient.  

-Swimming Pool 
oLap Swim
Monday-Friday 5:30 am- 7:00 am Lap Swim only.
Patrons must be 18 years of age and older.
4 patrons per time- as per public health order: swimming pools must be limited to one swimmer per lane. Locker rooms will only be accessible for restroom and changing. No showers will be permitted, drinking fountains will not be accessible, no access to equipment including but not limited to kickboards, deep water belts, fitness weights, noodles, etc.
Face Coverings are required when entering facility until entering pool. Lifeguard must wear face coverings at all times
Required number of staff members: 1 Lifeguard to perform chemical testing, screening, and lifeguarding.
All staff is required at the beginning of their shift to be screened. They may not take their own temperature. During an employee’s shift they must keep track and document what areas and times they were working in.
oSpa Limited use  
1 patron at a time- 10 minute maximum per visit. 
oRecreation Swim 
No toys will be permitted in the pool
No more than 18 children are permitted into the pool
Face coverings are required when entering building, face coverings may be taken off when entering pool.
-Group Workout- Group workouts are permitted but limited to a 10 person capacity. Workout must adhere to social distancing guidelines. Face coverings not required

-South Fork Cabin- Renters are encouraged to disinfect commonly touched surfaces disinfected upon departure. 

-Building Use: No more than 25 at a time are permitted into the facility. All frequently touches surfaces (door handles, light switches, bathrooms, facets, and table tops) will be disinfected after every use. No person who shows signs of sickness will be allowed into the facility. No person who has been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 will be permitted. All persons who enter the facility will be documented by date, full name, and time. All patrons are required to sign a MRD liability release as well as a COVID-19 release. Face coverings are required at all times.

-Movie Monday’s- Limited to 10 patrons. Activity will adhere to social distancing policies and guidelines. Cleaning procedure will follow MRD cleaning policies and procedures and require personal PPE and adequate cleaner for facility. Face coverings are required.

-RecKids: Children will not be permitted without proper paperwork including a MRD liability release and COVID-19 release. Children and staff will not be allowed in facility if they show symptoms of any kind of sickness.
oALL children and staff are required to wash hands with soap and water upon arrival
oALL staff and children will be screened for symptoms of COVID-19. A detailed record will be taken
oBuilding will be limited to 25 people. There will be no more than 5 Staff and 20 children. 
oAll toys, balls, and frequently touched surfaces will be sanitized 1 time per day.
oFace coverings are required for children and staff, but not required in the gym during activity.

Participants and Staff are encouraged to practice healthy behaviors and wear appropriate PPE due to elevated risk of contracting COVID-19. At any time, if a participant or staff member becomes exposed to COVID-19 or show signs of sickness, they will be asked to quarantine. 

All participants and staff MUST sign an additional COVID-19 liability release prior to participating. It is very crucial to keep a detailed record of all participants, date, and time of activity. We kindly ask ALL patrons to comply with the Health Orders and Social Distancing Guidelines to safeguard our transition. 

Annual Memberships Available!
A membership will cover the cost of all activities the Meeteetse Recreation District offers.
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Notice of Time Change for the Meeteetse Recreation Board of Directions January Meeting
February 9th 2020 @ 5:00
There will be an additional 4% fee on credit/debit card charges.